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Mains Recipes

Aloo Biryani

Biryani, for me, has always been more than just a dish—it’s a journey through the tantalizing flavors of India, each bite a step into a world where spices dance on your palate and aromas swirl around you like a comforting embrace. Today, I want to share with you a recipe that holds a special place …

Mains Recipes

Pumpkin Khichdi

In the realm of comfort foods, Pumpkin Khichdi stands as a testament to the artistry of blending flavors, textures, and wholesome nutrition. This humble dish, rooted in the heart of Indian cuisine, transcends its simplicity to become a comforting symphony of autumnal delights. At its core, Pumpkin Khichdi is a one-pot wonder, marrying the earthy …

Mains Recipes

Chickpea Pulav

Chickpea pulav, a delectable one-pot wonder, combines the wholesome goodness of chickpeas with the fragrant allure of basmati rice. This aromatic dish is a symphony of flavors, featuring a tantalizing blend of spices such as cumin seeds, cinnamon, cloves, and optional star anise. In the first act, a tablespoon each of oil and ghee take …