Hello, I’m Sindhu. I moved to States in 2021, after my marriage. Pandemic was still a major factor in our lives, but life was slowly getting back to normal. We would exercise all precautions and travel to all beautiful places around. Also, with my mom’s help, I had gotten a hand written book of common recipes that would be required for me to sustain here (My husband only knew Rice and Dal.. How long could we survive on that!!). Both travel and cooking experiences inspired me to start this blog.

I have grown up enjoying tasty street food in Bangalore. Masala puri, Momos, Kati rolls, Gol Gappa, Churmuri are some of the few chats that I miss dearly after moving to the USA. I love to make all these at home as it is hard to find the exact taste here and also to make up for all the food we have been missing!. Also, being in Seattle metro area has given me ample opportunities to discover about various cuisines, which I am learning to prepare at home as well.

What can you expect from Soups and Sunsets?

I will mostly be sharing quick and easy to follow vegan and vegetarian recipes, made using regular stove top, instant pot(pressure cooker), air fryer, oven and other appliances in the my kitchen.  I can easily count 5 to 6 appliances in my kitchen. This is so much different than my mom’s kitchen where a lot of things were done by traditional means like deep frying(deep pot), grinding batters (stone grinder), baking(pressure cooker) etc. Moving to a different country has made me value convenience in the kitchen much more, and therefore there are so many appliances in my kitchen which make my life easier and also add to the variety of meals I can prepare quickly & easily.

I primarily cook Indian food, however I also love to cook other cuisines such as Italian, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, Mediterranean and more.  In this blog, I will be focussing on simple vegetarian and vegan recipes from all the cuisines. I grew up in India, where a pressure cooker is an essential cookware in every kitchen. My mom’s kitchen had 4 to 5 of different sizes for different purposes like rice, idli, baking, hence it is my first preference to use an Instant Pot (electric pressure cooker) for most of my cooking.

I have travelled to many National Parks, State Parks and other scenic spots along with my husband, I will be sharing such travel itineraries here in the future.

We also keep exploring local restaurants and have started to share the details about them on this blog!

Family and friends

I have a wonderful and supportive husband. My mom has always been an inspiration for my food.  She is a wonderful cook and has taken the effort to pass down her love for cooking to me and my sister.

I also have made a lot of friends who are in a similar boat in life. The blogging community here has been very welcoming which helps me to grow continuously!

About the Recipes I share

All the recipes you see on this blog are prepared, cooked, styled and photographed by me, tried and tested by my husband first and friends as well. 

I appreciate any feedback and comments for my recipes, and will always try to respond to all comments precisely.  

Kindly use all recipes on this blog as a reference as I am sure your taste and preference will vary compared to mine.. be it the spice level or portion size or even the choice of vegetables and proteins being used so feel free to adjust the ingredients and recipes according to your taste. 

Stay in touch

I would love to hear from you. If you have any questions regarding the content on my blog or would like to reach out to me for any kind of collaborations/ partnerships or like to send me a message, feel free to send at soupsandsunsets@gmail.com. I do respond to each and every message 🙂

Thank you for visiting my blog.

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