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Mains Recipes

Quinoa Chickpeas Pulav

Quinoa Chickpea Pulav is a hearty and nutritious dish that combines the goodness of quinoa, protein-rich chickpeas, and aromatic spices. It’s a flavorful one-pot meal perfect for lunch or dinner. To start, soak half a cup of dry chickpeas in water overnight or for at least 6-8 hours. This softens them and reduces cooking time. …

Mains Recipes

Vegetable Masala Oats

Vegetable Masala Oats is a delightful blend of hearty oats, vibrant vegetables, and aromatic Indian spices, creating a dish that’s both comforting and nourishing. With its fusion of flavors and textures, this recipe offers a satisfying meal that celebrates the beauty of wholesome ingredients. Begin by heating a teaspoon of oil in a pan until …